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This image is a photo documentation of an intervention I made on a visit to Chapeltown. Instead of looking at the image as a whole, imagine it as it is meant to be seen: you are standing looking at a fence surrounding a derelict building. On that fence is a photo of the building itself. By using the physical fence as an exhibition space for the photo it gives the viewer a choice between looking at the building as it really is, or as a framed photograph – a dictated image. They have a choice whether or not to see what they want to see, or see what they are being told to see. This concept all stems from my experiences on my first visit to Chapeltown. I was aware of the stigma surrounding Chapeltown and it’s history; it gave me a clouded view of what it would be like. When I got there however it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I wanted to convey in my intervention the notion that it is much more important to understand a place by experiencing it for yourself, than by formulation a view from what you have been told.

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