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When not in his Cowper Street Studio, Edward Caldwell Spruce worked at the Burmantofts Pottery.The pottery ceased production in 1957, the year that Guy Debord et al introduced Situationist International.

Discursive Derive.

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The 5th Earl Cowper owned land to the east of Chapeltown Road; in the early 1800’s he sold fifty-five acres to a London bookseller for development. Sir Walter Scott, novelist, invested heavily in this (doomed) proposed building of ‘New Leeds.’ Charles Walter Scott, tobacconist and confectioner, of 3 Chapeltown Road, Leeds died on the 3rd day of November 1927, four years previously, Sculptor, Edward Caldwell Spruce passed away, having had a studio in Cowper Street. Spruce sculpted a memorial to Sam Wilson, chairman of worsted coating manufacturers Joshua Wilson and Sons; the memorial consists of several figures, one of which, Benevolence, bears a cross and cup.

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