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Psychogeographical Google Earth Walk

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A silent walk from the Cube Cinema, Bristol, to Genova in Italy, in Google Earth, using Camstudio, Virtualdub and MS Movie Maker for the recording. Performed with live orchestra at the Cube, February 2008, and with Theremin, Musical Saw and Guitar at the ILRT Art Show 2008. The idea is that future showings should be with live music and effects, so it’s a silent film.


Looking for nests in Chapeltown

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The nest continues to capture my attention and somehow the emptiness of it screams at me ! As if it should not be empty! Where did all the noise go?? So maybe I am an empty nester parent who has just got off the roller coaster ride of parenting a child from birth to school age. So while all the flapping and chirping had me gasping to catch my breath it’s sudden disappearance to find its own feet has left me in a space again alien and rather empty. It’s too quiet in that nest !!!! And then Simone Beauvoir has somehow surfaced from the middle of nowhere by falling on my lap  at a bookstore on my derive day reminding us  women that we were not just made to have our heads full of things at  home . Maybe I have spent too much time in my nest and now need to move on and deal with the impermanence of it all !! I couldn’t wait to be in this space and now that I am here I don’t know what to make of it???

C.U.P visit L.P.G!

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C.U.P (Chapeltown Union of Psychogeographers) are really looking forward to visiting L.P.G (Leeds Psychogeography Group) at the University of Leeds, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds. LS2 9JT from 5:15pm on Tuesday, 22 February, 2011.

The main event of the meeting will be a presentation by Joseph Boughey on ‘Situationism, Human Needs and Urban Environments’.

Hopefully, some members of the Union present will write and discuss the talk afterwards on our website.

L.P.G have a really useful Facebook page here if you’d like to find out more about them and future talks in this series.

Walking and Mapping event in Chapeltown: 22.02.11

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C.U.P will be meeting in Chapeltown from 2:00-4:30pmTuesday, 22 February for a collective walk (or dérive) to explore the area.

Any Chapeltown residents or visitors are welcome to join us!

We will meet at 2pm at Union 105, 105 Chapeltown Road, Leeds, LS7 3HY which is an art space run by East Street Arts who have invited C.U.P to take part in their Under the Paving Stones, the Beach’ project.

We’ll discuss issues and questions relevant to Chapeltown and different ways we might organise our walk. Please bring whatever  you think you might need to make drawings, notes, photographs or any other kinds of recording. Watch the site for uploaded ‘maps’ from our walk soon after.

Please also dress appropriately for walking outdoors for a couple of hours, anticipating possible weather conditions.

If you are interested in taking part but  have mobility issues etc. please email me at hunter.roddy@gmail.com and we can try to make appropriate alternative arrangements.

This will be the first of three events we aim to hold in Chapeltown. The next two after this will be on 8th and 22nd March – watch this site for details.

Come and Join the Union!

The Official Stamp of the Chapeltown Union of Psychogeographers

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beer mats

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im charley and im collecting beer mats, are there any good pubs in chapeltown to do this?

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